Criminal law

Regardless of your procedural position in the criminal proceedings, our main goal is to ensure that all your rights are protected during the criminal proceedings and that the outcome is fair to you.

A criminal trial is the area of law that restricts individual rights to the highest extent, so to ensure adequate protection of individuals’ rights and a fair criminal trial, those involved in the proceedings must have the right to be represented by both a lawyer and a defence counsel. Given the complexity of the wording of criminal law and the complexity of the procedural documents prepared by the pre-trial investigation authorities, a professional representing or defending you will help you to understand the proceedings and advise you on the measures to be taken to defend your rights or defend your innocence. 

Our firm’s criminal and procedural law professionals successfully defend suspects and accused persons in criminal cases, protecting clients from unfair trials or unfounded accusations. They also successfully represent the interests of victims and civil claimants in criminal proceedings.

Regardless of your procedural status in a criminal case, our priority is to protect your interests, freedom, honour, and dignity.

Our services:

  • Advising on criminal law and law of criminal procedure
  • Providing legal defence for suspects and accused persons throughout the criminal proceedings (pre-trial and trial stages at all instances)
  • Representing victims, civil claimants and civil defendants in criminal proceedings


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.