Succession law

Succession law is becoming increasingly important in today's society: with the prevalence of the right of private property and freedom of economic activity, valuable property complexes are being passed on from one generation to the next. Since succession of civil right objects of various kinds and often of high value is essential, it is therefore essential to ensure that both the will of the deceased and the provisions of succession law are complied with, and that the rights of a particular heir or of third parties are guaranteed.

Our law firm has many years of successful experience in representing the interests of heirs in succession proceedings and court disputes. The category of succession cases requires a lawyer not only to be familiar with the legal aspects of succession, but also to be able to communicate empathetically with a client experiencing the loss of a loved one. Our aim is to reduce the burden of worry and to ensure that the succession legal relationship is properly formalised and defended. 

Our services:

  • Advising on succession law issues, representation in notary offices
  • Organisation of the process of acceptance of succession
  • Drafting applications for renewal of the time limit for acceptance of succession
  • Drafting of applications for acceptance of succession by de facto possession
  • Preparation of applications for the confirmation of personal wills
  • Preparation of lawsuits for the annulment of the right of succession
  • Preparation of lawsuits for the annulment of a will
  • Representation in legal proceedings.


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.