Insolvency law

Our team specialises in corporate insolvency law. We advise both the creditors of insolvent companies and the companies themselves on all issues related to insolvency proceedings.

Insolvency law is a specific area that requires special attention, both when representing the creditors of a bankrupt company and when representing companies facing insolvency proceedings. Our team advises shareholders and members of management bodies on civil liability issues in insolvency proceedings and represents individuals in insolvency proceedings, making every effort to protect the interests of the represented person. 

We prepare documents for the court for opening of insolvency or restructuring proceedings of a legal entity, represent the client’s interests in court when dealing with the confirmation of financial claims, when challenging decisions of the bankruptcy administrator, the creditors’ committee or the creditors’ meeting that violate the client’s interests, and when representing persons at creditors’ meetings, creditors’ committees and in court. 

We prepare procedural documents for the court to declare insolvency to be fraudulent, as well as procedural documents for pre-trial investigation authorities to declare insolvency to be criminal, and represent individuals in these proceedings. 

Our services: 

  • Advising insolvent companies and creditors of insolvent companies on the issues of insolvency law
  • Representation throughout the insolvency process
  • Advising and representing in initiating proceedings for declaring insolvency intentional and criminal
  • Advising and representing the management bodies and shareholders of insolvent companies on their civil and/or criminal liability


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.