Corporate law

Corporate law Legal problems always arise in corporate and shareholder relations, but they are significantly less frequent and do not interfere with a company's operations if its shareholders and managers have sought the advice of qualified attorneys before the start of their business, and have prepared themselves correctly for the challenges before they arise.

Corporate law is a very wide area ranging from advice before starting a business and company formation to advising on corporate matters, drafting local company documents, litigation against counterparties, partners and opponents, and winding up the company. In the course of a company’s activities, the company faces a variety of situations governed by the norms of different branches of law. Contracts require knowledge of contract law, trademark registration requires knowledge of intellectual property law, relations with employees and trade unions require knowledge of labour law, and business planning requires knowledge of tax law. Thus, a corporate lawyer must be comprehensive and ready to advise the client not only on corporate law but also on other related areas of law. He/she must also look deeper and anticipate what will happen in a year or two if the client follows the advice given today. 

In provision of advice in the area of corporate advice, we are guided by the principle of drafting and modelling a legal situation in such a way that a dispute does not arise at all and there is no reason to go to litigation, and that, if it does have to be litigated in court, the outcome of the litigation would be obvious – in favour of our client. 

Our services: 

  • We advise on the establishment, reorganisation, restructuring and split-up of companies.
  • We carry out pre-acquisition due diligence, draft contracts and participate in negotiations on company acquisitions.
  • We advise and draft shareholders' agreements.
  • We represent in litigation between shareholders in disputes concerning the operation of the company.
  • We represent in legal disputes between the company and third parties, the state, Tax Inspectorate, etc.


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.