Intellectual property law

We advise clients on all aspects of intellectual property related to their business. We help them protect their intellectual property from the moment an idea is conceived to its commercial exploitation and further follow-up.

Today, thanks to advances in technology and communication, a large part of the objects of civil circulation are intangible, relating to the results of human intellectual activity. Once such objects have been created or produced, few artists, inventors, programmers or entrepreneurs know how to properly protect their intellectual property against distribution, copying, plagiarism, distortion or other unauthorised use. Even the best and most profitable idea or invention may not bring the desired benefits to the author simply because of inadequate legal protection. We advise and assist our clients in choosing the right strategy to protect their intellectual property, and in registering and obtaining adequate remuneration for their intellectual property.

In cooperation with national patent and trademark offices and the EUIPO, we carry out all the necessary actions to protect your intellectual property, constantly monitoring registered trademarks, detecting infringements and taking countermeasures. As a result, our clients can be involved in their business without any worries, leaving the legal aspects of intellectual property to us.  

Our services:

  • Registration of trademarks, patents and inventions in Lithuania
  • Registration of European Union and international trademarks, extension of patent protection of trademarks in all countries of the world
  • Representation in disputes concerning intellectual property rights
  • Drafting of oppositions and replies to oppositions


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.