Labour law

Both the employee and the employer are legally equal, but employers are still the dominant party in legal relations. In order to maintain this balance, the legislators have provided legal safeguards which every worker is entitled to enjoy in good faith.

Labour law is duplex. On the one hand, labour law is there to protect the interests of the worker and to ensure decent and healthy working conditions for every employee, while on the other hand, employers use labour law to organise and run the businesses that are the foundation of a sustainable and efficient society. The task of a lawyer in advising clients on employment law issues varies considerably depending on which side of the employment relationship – the employee or the employer – is represented. Often, when representing an employee in one case, it is necessary to represent the opposite position of the employer in another case. This may seem like a difficult task to reconcile, but on the contrary, a lawyer who has the opportunity to look at an identical problem from different perspectives can advise the client much more competently and effectively.      

Employers usually seek legal advice on employment law from professionals at the start of their business, as they seek to plan employee behaviour, costs and business development opportunities. In this case, rules of procedure, payroll procedures, confidentiality agreements, non-competition agreements, job descriptions, employment contracts, etc. are drafted. Employees usually need the services of an attorney in the case of non-compete agreements, violations of the employee’s rights regarding safe and healthy working conditions, working hours, wages and dismissal.          

Our law firm also specialises in trade union formation and activities. Representing trade unions, we draft collective agreements, represent them in negotiations and monitor the implementation of collective agreements. Collective agreements seemingly safeguard the interests of employees, but it is also employers who can use collective agreements to regulate the complex issues of compensation, working time and holidays more efficiently.     

When advising employers on employment law, our aim is to regulate employment relations in such a way that disputes between the employee and the employer do not arise at all, and when representing the employee, our aim is to make the employee feel dignified and to resolve the dispute in the most advantageous way possible.    

Our services:

  • We draft local labour legislation, rules, wage regulations, employment contracts and non-competition agreements
  • We draft collective agreements and represent in negotiations related to collective agreements
  • Advising on the establishment and operation of trade unions
  • Representing employees and employers before the Labour Disputes Commission
  • Representing employees and employers in labour disputes before the courts of the first, appeal and cassation instance


Our main goal is a legally secure and satisfied client.